Smart Price Labels - Create Package Pricing

When your customer scans or taps a Smart Price Label, your chance of selling that item just went up. Here are three ways to keep a customer from buying from another online competitor. (1) They have the products information on their phone, just like a website they have info, pricing and can purchase with a push of a button. (2) They can read reviews, share with a friend or family member to get a second opinion. (3) Even after they leave your store, your re-targeting ad can incentivize them to purchae from you. The Smart Price Labels makes it easy for them to add items on their ticket. As they scan items they can save to your cart. Give your staff a chance to create special package pricing if buying more items.

We know tagging your floor can be time consuming, but what if you could change the prices on your hot buys, best sellers, and closeouts with a couple keystrokes? With our reusable smart price labels you can. Just drop them in your price tag plastic sleeve, or if needed peel and stick to your existing tags. To see it for yourself, watch our video below. (Hover over image)

Smart Price Tags

Enhance Your Current Price Tag

Buy Now: Optional way to offer your customers, who prefer shopping without interacting with a sales associates. Your store will act more like a website, but they can try the merchandise first.

Feedback: Using Google Analytics see why customers are not purchasing a perticular item. This combined with the wifi furniture catolog report, will help you merchandise a floor suited to your local customers preferences.

Add On Sales: As the customers Scans your Price Tags, they can save items to your instore basket. When ready a sales associate can transfer and create invoice or they can scan to checkout.

Share: Let your customers share your price tag on social media or with a friend to get a second opinon.

Floor Selection

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