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The last interaction a salesperson has with a customer, is crucial to your businesses success. You spent how much money to get the customer to come through that door? Then they just walk out with a paper card, with our smart business cards there is a better way. Start getting that second and third chance to close that customer. Watch our video below. (Hover over image)

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Did you get their contact information?

Retargeting: What if the salesperson got the wrong email or number. Once the smart business card is scanned, your ad will start showing up, as they continue shopping online. Since you only have to pay when they click on your ad, would you pay a small fee to get another chance to sell that customer?

Push Notifications: If the customer opted to get notifications you can send unlimited push notifications to their phone. Remind them of sales promotions and reasons to come back in.

Word of mouth: When the customer is talking to a family member,friend, or co-worker about their furniture shopping experience. With a click, they can send your salespersons business card to them. Complete with all needed information, make referrals easy for your customers.

Following Up

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