Introduction to Retargeting (Re-Marketing)

How Does It Work: Retargeting is the process of advertising specifically to visitors and customers who have expressed an interest in your product, service or furniture store.

1. A visitor arrives at your store and interacts using mobile phone.
2. A dynamic cookie is placed on your visitor’s phone.
3. That visitor leaves your store and continues browsing the web on their phone.
4. Eventually, they land on a website that serves ads to visitors.
5. The cookie in your visitor’s phone will enable your ads to be displayed.

Whether you realize it or not, this process has probably happened to you. You visited a competitors website, browse a few products and ended up leaving. Over time, you noticed the website or products you viewed showing up in various ads.

Should You Use Retargeting:

  • Retargeting allows you to remain “top of mind.” If a visitor to your site is still in the early phases of the buying process, they aren’t ready to make a decision. By presenting your ad at various intervals over the next 30+ days, they are more likely to remember you when it’s time to make a purchase.
  • Retargeting has been shown to boost ad response by up to 400% — even a small increase in conversion rates can result in a huge jump in sales.
  • Retargeting is a great way to promote a special offer to existing customers and increase brand awareness at the same time.

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