Setting Up Retargeting Ads

  1. Sign in to AdWords.
  2. Click Campaigns.
  3. Click +Campaign and select 'Display Network only'.
  4. For instructions on how to create a remarketing campaign for the Search Network, read About AdWords remarketing lists for search ads.
  5. Leave the 'Marketing objectives' option selected and tick 'Buy on your website'.
  6. Choose a campaign name, bid strategy and budget.
  7. Click Save and continue.
  8. Enter an ad group name and bid.
  9. Under "Choose how to target your ads", click Interests and remarketing.
  10. In the "Select a category" drop-down menu, choose Remarketing lists.
  11. Click on Set up remarketing to begin the two-step process for creating your remarketing tag and lists:
    • Step 1: AdWords will create the remarketing tag for you. You'll be able to email the website remarketing tag or mobile app tag ID to yourself or your webmaster, along with instructions on how to add it to your website or app. If you use Google Analytics, then you’ll see a tick box to use the tracking code that’s already on your website instead.
    • Step 2: AdWords will create an "All visitors" list to get you started, so you don't need to create this list yourself. The "All visitors" list includes everyone who has visited tagged pages on your website. You can create new lists for your different groups of website visitors later.
  12. Enter an ad group name and bid.
  13. On the Remarketing lists tab, you'll find the "All visitors" list added to your ad group.
  14. Click Save and continue if you want to create your ads, or Skip ad creation if you want to do this later. To increase the range of placements where your ads may appear, add both text and image ads in as many ad sizes as possible. The Ad gallery offers an easy way to create ads if you’d like to create new ones or don’t have any.

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