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The Retail To Mobile™ system is the only proven way, to add brick and mortar customers to a managed retargeting list. Giving your Home Furnishings business a second opportunity, to close nearly everyone who walked through your door. Why use a mangaed solution? If you had three thousand customers come into your store in one month, and 30% of them were to visit your mobile website with retargeting enabled, you would still not match our managed list. We optomize your web traffic, target your social media, and combined with the Retail To Mobile™ Instore system, we grow local, and targeted re-marketing list. You could spend over a thousand dollars a month, trying to build your own retagetng list, then create, segment and manage it. Or you can use a proven system, with remarketing experts experienced in the Home Furnishings industry. watch our video below. (Hover over image)

Retargeting Package

Start Retargeting your customers today!

Cost: The Retail To Mobile™ system cost $399.00 month.

*Plus Retargeting clicks, don't panic, since you only pay when they click, and not how often your ad shows. In general say you pay $1.35 per click using Adwords, in retargeting numbers the same click will cost you between $0.65 - $0.89, or roughly $73.15 per week. Based on a list size of 1,000 customers, your Retargeting package would be ($691.60). Compare that to running the same Google Adwords campaign at a rough cost of $1,642.60 Our retargeting solution would save you $951.00

Included: (1) WiFi Catalog server, (5) Smart Business Cards, (50) Smart QR Labels - per month, (2) Free WiFI Stickers

+(1) Furniture Catalog Web App, (1) Price Tag Web App, (1) TV Web App, (1) Busines Card Web App, Retargeting Set up & List Management, (1) Monthly Report & Unlimited Retargeting Links.

Set Up: Most installations to be fully up and running with a brand new Retargeting List is between 4-6 weeks.

*Needs any router with an open port and (1) electrical outlet. Any smart TV with internet connection and browser or tablet in landscape mode for Bigscreen Furniture Catalog.

Grow your Retargeting List with every link you share
without paying to have your Retail Sensors overlay on the site you're sharing; and your call-to-action brings traffic back
to you, and increase your leads without increasing your budget!

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