Big Screen Furniture Catalog

Increase your selection without adding additional square feet to your brick & mortar. With real time updates and integrations with sales automation and ecommerce. Your furniture catalog works on any TV with an extra HDMI slot or smart tv, no touch screen needed, but you can use a touch screen, or even use unlimited tablets. Show your catalog on the big screen, the main difference using our big screen catalog. Ours was designed to get back onto the customers smart phone. To see it for yourself, watch our video below. (Hover over image)

TV Furniture Catalog

Real Re-Targeting For Brick & Mortar Retail

Own Your Catalog: The system comes loaded with Coaster Furniture, but you can add any products you want from any vendor, Have a POS software that offers exporting? You can easily import your products into your Retail Sensors Catalog.

Mobile Checkout: What is the point of having a shopping cart, if you can't check out. No need for POS integration or complicated set up. Let your customer use their phone to create their own cart or to checkout.

Retargeting: When the customer interacts with your Big Screen catalog, they are added to your retargeting list. Instead of an email which could be inaccurate or requires extra permission, your ad will follow that customer till they convert.

Shopper Analytics: Gain valuable insight to why customers are not purchasing a perticular product. Which catalog products are getting the most views and converting, with our monthly reporting you will know these answers.

Store Abandonment

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to you, and increase your leads without increasing your budget!

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