WiFi Furniture Catalog - Greet them at the door

When the customer is connected to your Furniture Catalog wifi network, which on nearly 60% of newer smart phones happens automatically. Now try adding this into your greet. "If you don't see what you are looking for, just connect to our Furniture Catalog wifi, to browse our catalog". To see it for yourself, hover over image below to watch our video. Capture customers data, and use it to automate product remarketing. By collecting email addresses and basic information whenever a guest connects to your WiFi Furniture Catalog. You will gain a new perspective of your business.

Why limit yourself to one or two touch screens? No waiting for a turn, or additional hardware to purchase. Your catalog in the hand of every customer. While simultaneously building your retargeting list, Facebook Likes, and your Email Marketing List.

Furniture Catalog Data Server

Re-target your in-store shoppers

Customer Retention: Increase repeat footfall, and your bottom line, by tracking customers visits to your store, and displaying your Ads after their visit.

Product Insights: With our catalog web app, that is embedded inside the WiFi furniture catalog. We track customers interactions with your products. You receive a report every month, knowing what products are getting attention and what furniture products need to go and why.

Push Notifications: While viewing your catalog, the customer was asked if you could send notifications. For those customers that opted in, you can send them unlimited notifications.

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to you, and increase your leads without increasing your budget!

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