What is Retail Sensors?

Retail Sensors enables content sharers to brand the links they share, allowing influencers to curate the content experience for their audience, while not losing the traffic the influencers generate.

What are Retail Sensors messages?

Content sharers can use Retail Sensors to add messages to the links they share with you. These messages appear exclusively within custom generated links and do not appear within the original link to the content.

Important Disclaimer

Retail Sensors messages are presented by the party that shared the link with you and therefore the messaging may or may not be associated or endorsed by the owner of the content.

Information for Publishers

Retail Sensors creates strong incentives for brands and influencers to share and distribute your content. This results in increased traffic to your page and exposure for your content.

Retail Sensors does not store or copy the content in any shape or form. The original page is loaded through an iframe and the content is served directly from your site.

Retail Sensors does not affect analytics. All pageviews and visitor activities are tracked and reported as regular traffic using Google Analytics.

Retail Sensors does not affect ads. The original page is loaded through an iframe along with all the ads intact. Ads behave as normal with no interruptions to your ad revenues.

Retail Sensors does not affect SEO. Canonical URL is used to ensure all SEO credit is attributed directly to the original page.

Have any questions? Send us an email at sales@retailsensors.com

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